Aqua Marina - 12V Electric Pump (20psi) #1
Aqua Marina - 12V Electric Pump (20psi) #1
Aqua Marina - 12V Electric Pump (20psi) #2
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Aqua Marina - 12V Electric Pump (20psi)

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Model: B0302944

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12V Electric Pump portable and convenient device designed to inflate inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) using electric power from your car or an external battery Time-Saving: Electric SUP pumps significantly reduce the time and effort required to inflate your stand-up paddleboard, allowing you to get on the water faster. Convenience: The pump's electric power source eliminates the need for manual pumping, making the process more convenient and less strenuous. Consistent Pressure: Electric pumps help ensure that your paddleboard is inflated to the correct pressure level, which is crucial for optimal performance on the water. Versatility: Many electric SUP pumps can also be used for inflating other Aqua Marina inflatable items, such as kayaks.
Inflation Pump
  • Inflates Virtually anything - i.e SUP's, Boats, Kayaks, and Air Platforms
  • LCD screen
  • Cigarette lighter or Battery Attachable
  • 12V - up to 20 PSI, 110W
  • Inflate: 1PSI/min
  • Deflate: 4PSI/min