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A lot has changed in our new Merchandise Rewards Catalogue, and we want to help you feel at home in our new space! If you’re having trouble with the site, we’ve got resources below to give you a hand.

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French speaking Specialists are available until 7 p.m. ET Monday to Friday and all-day Saturday.

Our automated phone system is available for:
  • Checking your Account balance
  • Changing your PIN

Merchandise Catalogue features

Track order progress

Keep tabs on your Rewards every step of the way using our progress meter. To see your order status, just sign in and find your Reward in the My Orders section.

Simplified checkout

Every minute you spend entering information at checkout is another minute you go without your awesome Reward! That’s why we’ve made the process simple, secure and easy to use.

Cancel your order

Had a bout of buyer’s remorse? Don’t sweat it! You can now cancel Dream Reward orders online within the first 24 hours. Just find your Reward in your Order history and choose cancel.

Looking for more Rewards?

You can find Cash Rewards, Merchandise and Donations here, but many Rewards options such as Events & Attractions will be temporarily unavailable as we work to make them available here as well. Continue to look for these Rewards as they are made available again through the new Entertainment category.


You can have your Reward shipped to most Canadian addresses. Once you’ve added your Reward to the cart and are ready to check out, you’ll be asked to verify the shipping address. Select the option Ship to a different address and fill out the required information. We cannot ship Rewards to PO Boxes or rural routes, and all addresses need to be within Canada.

All orders will be shipped to the shipping address and contact information provided at the time of order and cannot be changed after the fact. Any changes to your address in your profile after your order has been placed will not be applied to any existing orders. Any incorrect shipping information will result in a delay of the delivery of your item.

Though most of our Dream Rewards include free shipping, if there is a charge for shipping you will need to use a major credit card to cover the cost.

If you haven’t received your order within the shipping time posted on your reward or received the wrong item, please submit a request through our merchandise issue form.

Delivery will vary based on the nature of the request. In most cases, merchandise and entertainment & attraction rewards will be shipped out within four (4) weeks. Multiple items within the same order may ship separately.

All orders are shipped in sequence with our carrier partners. We’re unable to offer express shipping of Rewards or utilize an alternate carrier of your choice.

Onyx collectors get Dream Rewards using up to 10% fewer Miles and can take advantage of our Personal Shopper Service but are not eligible for expedited shipping.

These are terms we use at AIR MILES to describe the stages of shipping for your Dream Reward. If the shipping details are showing as unavailable, this may be for the following two reasons:

  1. The Reward has not yet left our warehouse or the Reward has not been shipped by traceable mail (not all of our Merchandise can be tracked).
  2. Some of our Rewards are not stored or shipped by our merchandise warehouse, so if you see “Drop Ship,” this just means that the Reward is being sent directly from the supplier.

In either situation, the delivery time for Dream Rewards is typically within four (4) weeks.

The manufacturer’s contact information as well as warranty coverage should be included in the packaging but if you can’t find it, you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website for more information. If something happens to your product and it is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to make a claim.

Manufacturer’s warranties apply. All Merchandise products are those of the suppliers and manufacturers only. Neither the AIR MILES Reward Program nor AIR MILES Loyalty Inc. make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, but not limited to the implied warranties of conditions of merchandise quality and fitness for a purpose.

All merchandise rewards are non-refundable. If your item is defective, please ensure you have contacted the manufacturer for troubleshooting support. If the item arrived damaged or defective less than 10 days ago, please submit a request through our merchandise issue form. The manufacturer‘s contact info will be required.

At times, unforeseen stock issues may occur. If your Reward order doesn’t ship within four (4) weeks, you’ll be contacted by an AIR MILES Customer Care Ambassador to advise you of any possible delay and to provide you with information on next steps regarding your order.

All Rewards are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the AIR MILES Reward Program. Available Rewards and offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Read the current Terms and Conditions for details. There are no cancellations, exchanges or refunds available on Rewards once ordered.

Model numbers are subject to change and are based on availability. AIR MILES reserves the right to substitute a Reward offered with another Reward of a similar or better value.

Dream Miles used at the time of order are final. Any sale or promotional offers apply to new orders only.

Merchandise Rewards can only be ordered online through the AIR MILES Rewards Catalogue.

Promo codes are exclusive offers that will be issued to specific Collectors as a part of various promotions or otherwise. When ordering Rewards, they can be entered during the checkout process to get a discount on the number of Miles needed to complete your order.

Promo codes can only be issued via email, so any Collectors who wish to receive them will have to ensure they have opted in to receive AIR MILES emails. You can edit your communication preferences at any time, by signing in and updating your profile.

To use a promo code towards your order, simply copy the code that was given to you and enter it into the “Promo code” field during the checkout process of your order.

Once your order has been placed and you have received your confirmation number, a promo code cannot be added. If you wish to add your promo code at that time, we recommend that you cancel your original order within 24 hours of placing it and then place a new order using the promo code.

All promo codes are single-use only, and for this reason we recommend that they should not be shared with other Collectors. Any promo codes that have been used more than once will return a “Promo code already used” error message.

If a promo code is used on an order that is cancelled, or the order is returned, a replacement promo code will not be automatically reissued.

If your promo code was entered correctly and is not working, there may be one of two possible reasons why it is not working: it may have already been claimed, or it may not be eligible for use at that current time. All promo codes are one-time use only, and once entered by anyone, they cannot be claimed again. If you are given a “Promo code not active or has expired” error message, be sure to check the original promo code email you received in to confirm active dates and times (all times listed are in ET, unless otherwise stated).

Depending on the associated offer, a promo code may only work with certain Rewards, or with orders over a certain number of Miles. Refer to the individual offer terms for more details.