Everlast 38'' Fitness Trampoline #1
Everlast 38'' Fitness Trampoline #1
Everlast 38'' Fitness Trampoline #2
Everlast 38'' Fitness Trampoline #3
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Everlast 38'' Fitness Trampoline

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Model: 16805990380
The Everlast 38-inch Fitness Trampoline is a convenient way to burn calories, increase cardiovascular health and tone muscles right in the comfort of your home or office. Rebounding is a safe and practical exercise that provides a variety of health benefits. Lightweight and easy to position - move the Everlast Fitness Trampoline easily into any room in your house. As little as 20 minutes a day will aid in minimizing the risk of heart disease. Start at your own pace and slowly increase the duration of your workouts as you feel ready. Stay indoors in your living room and watch TV while you exercise! No need to pay for expensive gym memberships that don’t get used. Place the Everlast Fitness Trampoline on a flat surface anywhere and start your fitness journey.
  • 38" JUMPING SURFACE: The Everlast Fitness Trampoline features a 38" diameter surface to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and aid in weight loss
  • CUSHIONED SPRING PAD: Springs and frame are fully covered with a UV-resistant, PVC, full-coverage protective foam pad to help provide comfort and protection
  • HIGH INTENSITY V-SPRINGS: Constructed with 30 premium high tension dual-springs made of 3.2 mm gauge steel for maximum bounce
  • JUMPING MAT: Durable polypropylene jumping mat is very robust and provides excellent elasticity for superior rebounding
  • FRAME: High grade steel frame and five-legged design provide strength and robustness to this fitness trampoline
  • SUPPORT: Steel rubber-tipped support offers sturdy, durable and silent operation
  • DIMENSIONS: 38" x 9"
  • WEIGHT: 15lbs