Video – Stop wishing, start doing


*Optimistic piano music play


Shown on screen:

Man walks into a car dealership and is greeted by an AIR MILES Personal Shopper and car dealership sales associate.


Personal Shopper & Sales Associate: Hi Carl.


Carl: Hi, how are you guys doing?


Sales Associate: Good to see you again. Nice to see you.


Personal Shopper: Good to see you. I’m Lauren.


Carl: Hi, Lauren.


Lauren: I’m an AIR MILES Personal Shopper. All right – so, nice to meet you!


Shown on screen: AIR MILES Onyx Card and BMO AIR MILES credit card.


Carl: Nice to meet you as well.


Shown on screen:Lauren and the sales associate guide Carl into an elevator and down to a basement-level parking garage. Lauren turns the corner and points towards a vehicle ahead. Carl’s face lights up.


Carl: AIR MILES for us goes back; I believe they were our original card. We’ve been Collectors on AIR MILES for quite a number of years and the points just seem to build and build and build. I always wanted to upgrade the vehicle that I’m driving, so we started looking for a vehicle, not knowing really at that point if it was even possible to actually use AIR MILES for this sort of a purchase.


Lauren: And, here it is!


Carl: Wow! Is that ever shiny!


Shown on screen:Lauren walks Carl closer to a grey Mercedes SUV. The vehicle spins on a presentation platform. Carl is pictured in front of his new vehicle speaking to the camera.


Carl: It was on a recommendation that I phoned the Personal Shopper line and Lauren appeared on the scene.


Shown on screen:Lauren
AIR MILES Onyx Personal Shopper


Carl: She was very receptive, very helpful. She made some suggestions and it was like a really slick method, and timing was two to three weeks and we were approved and accepted to actually do the purchase on this vehicle.


Lauren: And the last piece of the puzzle.


Carl: The key?


Lauren: Your keys!


Shown on screen:Lauren places the keys into Carl’s hands while they both smile.


Carl: Thank you so much.


Lauren: You’re welcome!


Shown on screen:Carl approaches his new vehicle and gets into the driver’s side door, as the Sales Associate gets into the passenger seat.


Carl: Whoa! You gotta love that new-car smell.


Sales Associate: Absolutely.


Carl: I would just encourage anybody to join AIR MILES. It’s like a mini-bank account building all the time in the background and you don’t even really know it’s happening.


Shown on screen:The Sales Associate takes Carl through all the vehicle’s dashboard features. They pose for a picture inside the vehicle.


Carl: Again, to us, it seems like it’s just a free Reward for using the AIR MILES Card.


Shown on screen:A blurred shot comes into clarity to show Carl holding up his AIR MILES Onyx Card. Carl drives away from the dealership in his new vehicle.


Carl: It was really appreciated. Everything that we experienced. We’re looking forward to many more years of dealing with AIR MILES and also looking forward to what the next Reward might be.


*Piano music slows down and fades out*


®™ Trademarks of AM Royalties Limited Partnership used under license by AIR MILES Loyalty Inc.