Le Creuset 4.1L Chef's French Oven- Cerise
Le Creuset 4.1L Chef's French Oven- Cerise
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Le Creuset 4.1L Chef's French Oven- Cerise

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Model: LECLS2574-2667
Whether preparing a flavourful chicken stock or slowly building a rich cream base for broccoli and cheese soup, the Chef’s French Oven is the ideal vessel for stovetop simmering. Its sloped sides make stirring more efficient and effective by promoting continuous movement even after the lid is in place. The loop handles provide a steady grip when transferring from the stovetop to the table., Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron cookware has been the world's quality benchmark for almost a century. Each piece is cast individually in sand molds and hand inspected by French artisans. The iconic cookware is beloved for both its chip-resistant enamel exterior, its tight fitting lid and superior heat retention that locks in flavour and keeps food moist and tender.