De'Longhi Dinamica Black
De'Longhi Dinamica Black
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De'Longhi Dinamica Black

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Model: ECAM35020B

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You shouldn’t t have to settle for a watered-down version of your favorite iced coffee at home. With the world’s first and only fully automatic coffee machine featuring iced coffee technology, you never have to. By brewing at a lower temperature, preinfusing and offering the ability to customize to extra strong, De Longhi TrueBrew Over IceTM brews smooth, full-bodied coffee over ice that is never watered down. You can also enjoy a variety of the freshest, traditional coffee beverages at home. An automatic bean-to-cup machine, Dinamica offers four one-touch beverages: espresso, long espresso, drip style coffee, and TrueBrew Over IceTM. To deliver the freshest brew possible, the Dinamica s revolutionary technology grinds the perfect amount of your favorite beans leaving no residual coffee in the brewing unit, ensuring your next cup is just as fresh. Also, with an integrated advanced manual frother, espresso classics like lattes and cappuccinos come complete with rich, long-lasting foam, whether you use soy, almond, coconut, rice or cow s milk*. And cleanup is a snap, taking half the time of other machines. Unlike the competition, no chemicals are needed just pop out the drip tray, and drop it in the dishwasher. Dinamica features an adjustable steel burr grinder to control the grind and strength depending on the coffee origin. It s all designed to keep your daily brew from becoming a daily grind. *Frothing quality will vary depending on the type of dairy or non-dairy milk selected. De'Longhi recommends cold skim or 2% dairy milk cold or non-dairy milks that are found in the refrigerator case at the store.

  • Prepare your perfect coffee beverages at a touch of a button
  • Make coffee beverages at the perfect temperature, with the perfect density, colour and taste thanks to DeLonghi bean to cup technology
  • Make genuine milk based beverages with the manual milk frother
  • Customize your desired level of aroma and quantity for each recipe
  • Easy use with soft touch interface
  • Extractable brewing unit for the maximum convenience and hygiene
  • Ice coffee Setting