Braun PureFlavor 14-Cup Coffee Maker #1
Braun PureFlavor 14-Cup Coffee Maker #1
Braun PureFlavor 14-Cup Coffee Maker #2
Braun PureFlavor 14-Cup Coffee Maker #3
Braun PureFlavor 14-Cup Coffee Maker #4

Braun PureFlavor 14-Cup Coffee Maker

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Model: KF5650BK
Exceptional in every way, the new PureFlavor Coffee Maker is the first-ever 14-cup machine from Braun. Powered by innovative Fast Brew technology, the machine rapidly brews 14-cups of coffee up to 20% faster*. The intuitive display features a touch-screen to select the brewing process. BrewChoice Plus offers four brewing options—fast, regular, bold or over ice; select your coffee of choice and the built-in brewing signal will alert you when it’s ready. Our refined brewing process retains the coffee’s full-bodied aromas even when poured over ice, so no sip ever tastes watered down; The stainless steel accented FlavorCarafe seals in the flavor, minimizing external air exposure to ensure the coffee’s rich, nuanced flavors are part of every cup. Keep your coffee warm for up to 4 hours on the SteadyTemp Warming Plate that lets you specify an ideal temperature – low, medium or high. A fully automatic 24-hour programmable timer means your much-needed first cup of coffee will be waiting for you when you want it. The front view-level water indicator clearly indicates the precise water levels required for every use. Pair that with the built-in charcoal water filter and you can rest assured no impurities will impact the taste of your fresh brew. And thanks to the automated descaling warning, the machine will inform you when it's to be cleaned. As for the removable parts, place them in the dishwasher after every use — it’s that easy. The PureFlavor Coffee Maker makes savoring your favorite brew simple. *Compared to the Braun KF7170 on Bold
  • BrewChoice Plus – choose from four brewing options that best fit your needs: Fast, regular, bold or over ice.
  • Brew Over Ice - Optimized brewing process delivering intense coffee flavor that won't taste watered down over ice
  • 14 Cup Carafe - Stainless steel accented, uniquely designed 14-cup carafe ensures coffee stays warmer for longer
  • SteadyTemp Warm Plate - Select your keep warm temperature low, medium or high for extra hot coffee up to 4 hours
  • Premium Touch Display - Easy to use premium touch display allows intuitive and convenient operation.
  • Front View Water Level Indicator - Provides clear sight to see how much water in in your coffee maker.
  • Brew End Signal - Tone to alert you the brewing is complete. Can be silenced with the touch of a button.