Magformers® Extreme FX 62-Piece Set
Magformers® Extreme FX 62-Piece Set
Magformers® Extreme FX 62-Piece Set

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Model: 630701FE
Magformers feature intelligent magnet technology that allow tiles to lock and unlock easily. Bright, vibrant panels teach action and reaction as well as early geometry skills. Use the power of magnets and take building to a whole new level.
  • Feel the magnetic force and experiment with up to three basic geometric shapes - the square, the triangle, and the pentagon - to create complex 3-D models
  • Magformer magnetic building shapes connect regardless of their position due to the ability of encapsulated neodymium magnets to rotate freely
  • Includes 240 super-powerful magnets encapsulated in 62 Magformers
  • Includes 20 triangles, 30 squares, and 12 pentagons