Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde
Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde

Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde

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Model: DYS-410638-01
Purifies large spaces.¹ Quietly. Captures allergens and 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Detects and destroys formaldehyde, permanently.⁴ Removes gases and odours.²
  • Long-range projection and circulation. Dyson's latest purifier uses cone aerodynamics to deliver powerful, long-range projection – circulating air and driving even distant pollutants back through sealed filters. For whole-room purification, even in large spaces.¹
  • Quiet, even at full power. An acoustically engineered motor bucket records just 56dBA of sound power at full-speed. With no compromise on performance.
  • Adjust your airflow. Adjust the angle of airflow at 0°, 25° or 50°, or mimic the feeling of refreshing air indoors using Breeze mode.
  • Control your air quality wherever you are. The MyDyson™ app gives you autonomy over your air quality. View which particles have been captured, set schedules, browse reports, and more.⁷
  • Auto mode: With the Auto mode feature, your purifier can sense, capture and report on pollutants in your home in real-time.
  • Hygienic filter replacement. A hygienic replacement mechanism allows you to dispose of the HEPA filter in one click.
  • Discreet wheels: Easily maneuver your machine across a room. Designed for hard surfaces, the wheels are completely hidden from view.
  • Smart home purification: Connect and then control your air quality, hands-free, with compatible smart home voice services.¹²
  • Senses and reports, automatically. A suite of sensors, including a lifetime solid-state formaldehyde sensor, detects pollutants across a whole room. Our unique algorithm cross-checks data every second, analyzing your air at a molecular level – automatically reacting to purify and display live results on the LCD screen and in the MyDyson™ app.
  • Destroys formaldehyde, permanently⁴. A catalytic filter continuously traps and breaks down formaldehyde molecules into water and CO₂⁴. Andit never needs replacing.
  • Captures gases and ultrafine particles². The HEPA H13 grade filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, while an activated carbon filter removes odours and gases.²
  • Fully-sealed to HEPA H13 grade⁵: Three phases of purification sit within our fully-sealed machine to trap pollutants inside, removing them from the air you breathe. Reassuring you that what goes inside, stays inside.⁵