Wahl Manscaper Body Groomer #1
Wahl Manscaper Body Groomer #1
Wahl Manscaper Body Groomer #2
Wahl Manscaper Body Groomer #3
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Wahl Manscaper Body Groomer

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Model: 3217

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The Right Tool to Tame Your Jungle

Grooming "down there" can be a hairy and scary proposition. In fact, more than half of guys who do it are fearful of injury. That's why we developed the Wahl Manscaper®, the safest, most advanced below-the-belt trimmer on the market. With its integrated protection system and our world-class stainless-steel blades, we've taken out the guesswork and replaced it with supreme confidence to guarantee there are no knicks, no cuts and no fear...every time.

Key Features:

  • Wrap-Around Guard with 20 safe & comfortable trimming lengths for the groin, stomach, chest & everywhere else
  • Full waterproof trimmer allows you to trim at the sink or in the shower
  • Lithium-ion battery offers 100-minute run time for multiple detail grooming on a single charge
  • Safe-touch ballpoint stainless steel blade cuts through hair while being gentle on your skin
  • Kit includes:

  • #3217 Manscaper Lithium-Ion Body Groomer
  • Wrap around Guard
  • Small Brush and Oil
  • Charger
  • Instructions