Foreo UFO™ 2 Power Mask Device - Pearl Pink #1
Foreo UFO™ 2 Power Mask Device - Pearl Pink #1
Foreo UFO™ 2 Power Mask Device - Pearl Pink #2
Foreo UFO™ 2 Power Mask Device - Pearl Pink #3
Foreo UFO™ 2 Power Mask Device - Pearl Pink #4
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Foreo UFO™ 2 Power Mask Device - Pearl Pink

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Model: UFO 2

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FOREO UFO 2 Spa-Level Power Mask Device for Accelerating the Effects of a Facial Mask


There’s no need to visit the spa, let the spa come to you! Treat your skin to a heavenly mask routine with the new and improved UFO 2 smart mask device. The app-connected device features 5x faster heating than the previous UFO model and takes the power of LED lights further, offering 8 different lights to tackle every skin concern there is.


Featuring 8 different LED lights, UFO 2 adds maximum power to your power mask treatment and brings and in-office professional treatment to the comfort of your home. Each LED light has individual qualities and has been paired with different UFO Power Activated Masks according to its unique skincare benefits. Select an exclusively formulated mask of your choice, and revitalize your skin. 



  1. Download FOREO For You app and connect your UFO 2 device
  2. Secure UFO 2 mask of your choice with the attachment ring provided.
  3. Start the treatment within the app. Gently glide UFO 2 in circular motions until the device turns off.
  4. Dispose of the mask and rinse UFO 2 under running water.
  • 91 SECONDS MASK TREATMENT - Get superior results in less time with UFO 2 device. Combining super-fast heating, cooling, T-Sonic pulsations with rich Korean-inspired masks, it helps deeper absorption of active mask ingredients
  • BOOST, TONE, REJUVENATE - The treatment is safe for all skin types and easy to use whenever your skin needs an extra boost of hydration, radiance, or rejuvenating for a firmer appearance. Completely painless and comfortable, a carefully chosen combination of temperature and pulsation intensity gives maximum effect
  • UFO POWER MASK COLLECTION - The coordinating range of UFO masks is designed having specific skin concerns in mind. Whether your skin is mature, dry or fatigued, there is a designated mask that will leave your complexion refined and healthy-looking
  • CUSTOMIZABLE ROUTINE - Guided routines with pre-defined temperature, pulsation level take you through each treatment depending on the chosen mask. Alternatively, you can adjust the technologies within the app and create a personalized routine