Garmin® vívosmart® 5 Smartwatch - Black Case with Cool Mint Silicone Band #1
Garmin® vívosmart® 5 Smartwatch - Black Case with Cool Mint Silicone Band #1
Garmin® vívosmart® 5 Smartwatch - Black Case with Cool Mint Silicone Band #2

Garmin® vívosmart® 5 Smartwatch - Black Case with Cool Mint Silicone Band

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Model: 010-02645-02
TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH — YOU GOT THIS. When you need a comfortable device that’s with you every step of the way, vívosmart 5 becomes your go-to, easy-to-use fitness tracker, so you can monitor your health and stay active from sunup to sundown.
  • SIMPLE, EASY-TO-USE DESIGN. Looking for a hassle-free, easier-to-read tracker? You get just that with a brighter and 66% bigger display than vívosmart 4 for larger text plus touchscreen and button interface.
  • DESIGNED FOR LIFE AND STYLE. Interchangeable bands provide user-friendly designs, making band replacements easy, convenient and perfect for your unique style.
  • KEEPS UP FOR DAYS. Get an uninterrupted picture of your health with up to 7 days of battery life in smartwatch mode
  • WRIST-BASED HEART RATE. This tracker constantly monitors your heart rate and can alert you if it stays too high or low while you’re at rest. It also helps gauge how hard you work during activities.
  • BODY BATTERY™ ENERGY MONITORING. See your body’s energy levels throughout the day so you can find the best times for activity and rest.
  • PULSE OX SENSOR. Use the Pulse Ox sensor to spot-check your blood oxygen saturation at any point during the day, or for part of the night as you sleep, to show how well your body is absorbing oxygen.
  • SLEEP SCORE AND ADVANCED SLEEP MONITORING. Get a score for your sleep’s quality and insights on how you can do better through the Garmin Connect™ app. Even keep track of the different sleep stages as well as heart rate, stress, Pulse Ox3 and respiration.
  • STRESS TRACKING. Find out if you’re having a calm, balanced or stressful day. Relax reminders will even prompt you to do a short breathing activity when you’re feeling stressed.
  • MINDFUL BREATHING. When you want to relax or focus, you can start a breathwork activity, and this watch will track your stress and respiration to help you get a better understanding of how you’re breathing
  • HYDRATION TRACKING. Log your daily fluid intake as a reminder to stay hydrated. You can even have an auto goal for hydration that adjusts based on how much sweat you lose during activities.
  • RESPIRATION TRACKING. See how you’re breathing throughout the day, during sleep and during breathwork and yoga activities.
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH TRACKING. Use the Garmin Connect app to track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Log symptoms, get exercise and nutrition education, and more. Even see and log details on your wrist.
  • FITNESS TRACKING. While you’re out and about, vívosmart 5 tracks steps, intensity minutes, calories burned and more2. Get all the stats you need directly on your wrist.
  • BUILT-IN SPORTS APPS. Switch up your workout routine with activity profiles for walking, running, yoga, Pilates, cardio, mindful breathing, strength training and more.
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS. Receive emails, texts and alerts right on your watch when paired with your smartphone. You can even respond to texts if you have an Android™ smartphone.
  • SAFETY AND TRACKING FEATURES. When connected to your smartphone, incident detection (during select outdoor activities) and Assistance sends messages and live location information to emergency contacts.
  • SYNC WITH GARMIN CONNECT. See your health and fitness information all in one place. The Garmin Connect app is a thriving online community where people on the go can connect, compete and share.
  • Watch display type: OLED Touchscreen
  • Display Size:0.41" x 0.73" (10.5 mm x 18.5 mm)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart and ANT+®
  • Watch water rating: Swim