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Hubble Connected: Eclipse+

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Eclipse+ Smart Soother and Wi-Fi audio monitor comes equipped with a multi-color night light and 100’s of preloaded lullabies, soothing sounds and bedtime stories available in the accompanying HubbleClub app. Eclipse+ includes ConnectChat™, a feature that allows for two-way communication between child and parent/caregiver. When the little one pushes the button on the base of the device, they send a voice message directly to the HubbleClub app. The parent can then reply through the enhanced Eclipse+ speaker, creating a unique communication experience. Use the portable and rechargeable battery to move it throughout your home and play your own tunes through the enhanced Bluetooth speaker. Featuring a unique, sleek cylindrical design, Eclipse+ is the ideal sleeping solution in both form and function. Using the Smart Sleep Trainer in the HubbleClub app, parents can establish a routine for “time to sleep” and “time to rise” with the option to link a chosen light and sound for both functions. Ultimately, children will begin associating sounds and colors with bedtime or daytime, establishing a healthy sleep routine that will help build consistency in their waking and resting habits. Finally, use Eclipse+ as an audio monitor compatible with iOS or Android smart devices.
The Eclipse+ Smart Soothers & Wi-Fi Audio Monitors is a multi-award winner! The product has been awarded the National Parenting Product Award, the Mom’s Choice Award Gold.