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Apple Pencil Pro #1
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Apple Pencil Pro

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Model: MX2D3AM/A

Apple Pencil Pro adds even more magical capabilities to help bring your ideas to life. Advanced features like squeeze, barrel roll and haptic feedback make marking up, taking notes and creating a masterpiece more intuitive than ever. Use Apple Pencil hover to preview exactly where Apple Pencil Pro will touch down on the display,1 and double-tap to quickly switch tools. And if you misplace it while you’re out and about or at home, you can easily locate it in the Find My app. Apple Pencil Pro pairs, charges and stores magnetically on the side of your iPad.

Key feature bullets

  • ADVANCED TOOLS—Apple Pencil Pro gives you ultimate creative control. Use gestures like Squeeze and Barrel Roll to access tools, change brushes and create strokes without missing a beat. Haptics allow you to feel shapes snap into place, and more. Use Apple Pencil hover on iPad Pro and iPad Air (M2) to preview your mark before you make it. And now, you can use Find My to locate your Apple Pencil Pro.
  • EASY AND NATURAL—Apple Pencil Pro does it all with pixel-perfect precision, tilt and pressure sensitivity, and low latency. Featuring a flat edge, Apple Pencil Pro allows you to change tools with just a tap from your finger. Apple Pencil attaches, charges and pairs magnetically.
  • TRANSFORMS IPAD INTO A CANVAS—Draw, sketch, colour, take notes and mark up documents. Use built- in apps like Notes and Freeform, or choose from over a million more apps available on the App Store.
  • Technical Specifications


  • Length: 166 mm (6.53 inches)
  • Diameter: 8.9 mm (0.35 inch)
  • Weight: 19.15 grams (0.68 ounce)
  • Connections

  • Bluetooth
  • Compatibility

    iPad Models

  • iPad Pro 13-inch(M4)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch(M4)
  • iPad Air 13-inch(M2)
  • iPad Air 11-inch(M2)
  • What’s in the box:

  • Apple Pencil Pro
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