Costco - Gold Star Membership (French)
Costco - Gold Star Membership (French)
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Costco - Gold Star Membership (French)

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Costco Gift of Membership is the perfect gift for your employees, clients, friends and family members. The Gold Star Membership allows them to enjoy savings for one year at any Costco warehouse worldwide, and on Valid from date of activation. All memberships must be renewed annually. Includes a free Household card*.

* Primary and Affiliate Members receive one free Household Card for anyone over the age of 18 and living at the same address.

The Gold Star Gift of Membership is not an actual Costco membership card, but is a voucher towards a Costco membership. Voucher is not replaceable if lost, stolen or destroyed. Photocopies are not accepted. Voucher is not redeemable for cash or merchandise and card value may not be transferred to another card. The value of the membership voucher is fixed at time of purchase. For full terms & conditions, please visit

How to Use:

To activate: Bring this card and complete a membership application at any Canadian Costco location to receive your Gold Star Membership.

Voucher may be used to upgrade to Executive Membership or to renew an existing membership.