Be1Yoga 4-Piece Yoga Kit - Blue
Be1Yoga 4-Piece Yoga Kit - Blue
Be1Yoga 4-Piece Yoga Kit - Blue

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Model: Yoga Kit - BLUE
Elevate your practice using this Essentials yoga kit. This kit includes a 5mm TPE Yoga Mat, 1 Yoga Block Yoga Towel and Yoga Strap.

TPE Yoga Mat – 5mm

  • Our workout exercise mats are designed with dual layers; a comfortable dense textured non-slip surface on the practice side and a non-slip texture for the floor. The non-slip bottom allows the mat to grip the floor more firmly while the practice side provides optimum cushioning for your knees, elbows, hips, and spine without impeding your stability and balance.

Yoga Block

  • Our yoga blocks are designed with a comfortable dense textured non-slip surface. The non-slip surface allows the block to grip the floor or mat more firmly at the same time providing a non-slip surface for your hands and a comfortable grip.

Yoga Towel

  • Whether you are looking for an added layer of comfort or simply would like to keep your yoga mat clean our Be1Yoga towels will provide you with exactly that.  The grip in our towels increase the more wet the towel becomes.  We advise to mist your towel before practice to see immediate benefits.

Yoga Strap

  • Our yoga strap for stretching was made to deliver unbeatable quality through all your workout sessions. It will easily take all the extremes of your exercises time and time again. This is made possible by a high-quality polyester-cotton blend, and high tensile strength weave design. The result is a yoga belt that is comfortable and strong to last through years of use. Non-slip D-rings also give you the convenience of working out without having to readjust your belt.