Wüsthof Urban Farmer 5-Piece Knife Block Set in Natural Beech Tool Basket
Wüsthof Urban Farmer 5-Piece Knife Block Set in Natural Beech Tool Basket
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Wüsthof Urban Farmer 5-Piece Knife Block Set in Natural Beech Tool Basket

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Urban Farmer is a unique series of knives inspired by the garden to table movement. It’s a collection that celebrates using fresh, homegrown produce and reconnects us to our food. The series features distinctive wood handles that are sturdy, comfortable to hold, heat treated and made from sustainably grown, roasted European Beechwood. All Urban Farmer knives are safe and easy to handle when wet, making them ideal for use in both kitchens and gardens. The Urban Farmer Tool Basket Set includes the most important tools needed in any kitchen and garden - 3” Pruning Knife, 4” Paring Knife, 5” Serrated Utility Knife, and 7” Hollow Ground Santoku. From mincing fine herbs to slicing through squash, these all-purpose knives can handle any cutting task in the kitchen. Transport your Urban Farmer knives to and from the garden in this trendy Tool Basket designed for the ultimate Urban Farmer. This beautiful garden toolbox is made from select beech wood and provides practical storage for fresh ingredients and additional garden tools. Contents: 3” Pruning Knife - 3400/08 4” Paring Knife - 3466/10 5” Serrated Utility Knife - 3410/14 7” Santoku - 3483/17 Beech Wood Tool Basket
  • Urban Farmer combines the natural beauty of rustic crafted tools with the high-tech precision of knives made from the latest materials and techniques
  • Designed for city dwellers with a passion for home gardening
  • Made from sustainably grown thermo treated Beech Wood, the handle is extremely durable and water-resistant
  • Combined with the non-slip bolster, it provides a secure grip
  • Perfectly suited for harvesting and gardening
  • Wash by hand only