AJ Sports 8 x 10 Photo Hockey Treasure Chest
AJ Sports 8 x 10 Photo Hockey Treasure Chest

AJ Sports 8 x 10 Photo Hockey Treasure Chest

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Model: AM8X10CHEST

Break open a sealed chest to find 3 hand-signed 8x10 hockey photos as part of this special Dream Rewards Treasure Chest series. 

Each chest is packed with authentic signed memorabilia from our collection of sports gold and then sealed at our headquarters.  Inside you will find hand signed treasures by hockey stars, legends and fan favorites. 

Please note that the product image shows a representation of some items that may be available in a sealed treasures chest and does not suggest or guarantee that any specific item will be found inside the chest you receive

Each Treasure Chest contains 3 random autographed 8x10 photos and is packed, sealed, then mixed at our warehouse.

AJ Sports has conducted over a thousand autograph signings with current and former hockey stars over the past twenty years. Each chest is filled with autographs from our direct signings or from other widely known and respected companies



  • 3 Hand-signed 8x10 photos with permanent marker
  • Guaranteed to get 1 Hockey Hall of Fame Player
  • Mint condition photos that include Certificates of Authenticity and holograms from AJ Sports