Power Tools

Advanced engineering, solid construction and ergonomic design give Worx Power Tools a unique combination of power, reliability and ease-of-use no matter your project.

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Lawn and Garden Tools

Easy to operate, comfortable to use and powerful enough to get the job done quicker. Plus, Worx lawn and garden tools are cleaner, quieter and less expensive to maintain than gas-powered tools.

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Nitro Power Tools

Bigger projects require better tools. From 20V circular saws and impact drivers to 80V mowers and leaf blowers, Worx NITRO elevates what you can expect from cordless power tools.

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Nitro Lawn and Garden Tools

Worx NITRO lawn and garden tools are engineered to provide greater power, performance and run time. Brushless motors are more efficient and have a longer life.

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Automotive Tools

Powerful tools and accessories to make taking care of your car easier. Fill up tires, buff, and jumpstart. Powered by the Worx Power Share battery so you don’t need an outlet.

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Crafting Tools

Simple, powerful tools and accessories streamline any project and enable the maker to elevate their craft. Powered by the HubX and Power Share battery making crafting a breeze.

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Innovation. It’s what drives us.

At WORX, we don’t seek out innovation – we let it drive us. Doing what’s never been done. Or taking what’s always been done and reimagining it being done better. Faster. Easier. More efficiently.

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