Koolatron 33 Bottle Wine Cellar #1
Koolatron 33 Bottle Wine Cellar #1
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Koolatron 33 Bottle Wine Cellar

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Model: WC33

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Elegant and affordable luxury wine storage

Koolatron®’s 33-bottle capacity freestanding wine cellar features a high-performance compressor cooling system with automatic cycle defrost to provide the ideal climate for your favorite red, white, and sparkling wines at a much more accessible price point than comparable built-in units. This compact wine cellar brings together functionality and style with an LED temperature display and control panel, tempered glass door with stainless steel accent, and eye-catching blue interior lighting to showcase your collection.

Huge capacity with a compact footprint

The Koolatron® 33 bottle unit uses efficient, reliable compressor technology with a range of 39.2-66.6°F (4-18°C) to cool efficiently with almost no noise or vibrations, keeping your wine at a consistent, ready-to-serve temperature with the sediment undisturbed. This single zone wine fridge makes a stylish addition to any kitchen, office or condo with enough room capacity for more than two full cases of wine. The compact freestanding design means you can place the unit anywhere there is a power source so your favourite wines are always close at hand.

Why buy a dedicated wine fridge?

Experts recommend storing wines at higher temperatures than your typical refrigerator provides, especially for long term storage. Temperature variations can cause both the wine and the cork to expand and contract, which can allow oxygen to seep into the bottle and spoil your wine. Keeping wine in a climate controlled environment slows that aging process significantly, preserving the quality, color, aroma, and flavor of your wine.