Wüsthof Urban Farmer 8'' Cook's Knife
Wüsthof Urban Farmer 8'' Cook's Knife
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Wüsthof Urban Farmer 8'' Cook's Knife

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Urban Farmer celebrates today's passions for farm-fresh food, home gardening, and cooking with wholesome, delicious ingredients. Designed by the accomplished German designer, Bjoern Berger, Urban Farmer has a commitment to sustainability, protecting the environment, and inspiring creativity in the kitchen. Urban Farmer knives are durably crafted from a single piece of an exclusive, high-carbon, stain-free steel metal alloy. The well-balanced knives boast full-tang, razor-sharp blades tempered to 58 degrees on the Rockwell Hardness scale. This ideal grade of hardness ensures the knives hold a lasting edge, are flexible enough not to crack under pressure, and can be easily re-sharpened. Distinctive, ergonomically shaped wood handles are exceptionally sturdy, comfortable to hold, and beautifully express the collection's farm to table ethos. Made of sustainably grown, FSC-certified European Beechwood, the handles – secured with two stainless steel rivets – are heat-treated to ensure an uncoated, but extremely durable and water-resistant natural handle.