Wüsthof Classic Starter Board 4-Piece Knife Set
Wüsthof Classic Starter Board 4-Piece Knife Set
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Wüsthof Classic Starter Board 4-Piece Knife Set

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Model: 9755-9

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Just starting your kitchen collection? Need a housewarming gift? The Wüsthof Classic Starter Board 4 Piece Knife Set (9755-9) is the perfect solution. This set outfits your kitchen with the essentials: a chef’s knife, blade guard, honing steel, and cutting board. Featuring the most useful knife in any block, the Wüsthof Classic 8” Chef’s knife is made of exceptional German steel, and excels at almost every kitchen task. Designed to be your most-reached-for knife, you can mince garlic, chop veggies, slice meats—whatever you need to do, this knife is ready. Comes with a blade guard to protect your knife in a drawer, a proper cutting board to protect the edge of your knife, and a honing steel to maintain its sharpness. The Wüsthof Classic Starter Set is really the whole package!